Henry Ford, salt and your morning coffee

Henry Ford would take prospective executives to lunch and observe their behavior. If the prospective employee added salt to his meal before tasting it, Ford wouldn't hire them.

What does this have to do with coffee? Like those prospective execs, we are creatures of habit. If you want to learn more about coffee, give it a taste before you doctor it with milk and/or sugar. You'll be surprised by what you notice. Is it bright or earthy, lemony? Is it thin or heavy bodied? Sweet? Bitter? Smoky? Where does it cause the greatest sensation on your tongue? How long does it last? Do you notice anything different from yesterday's cup? 

Over time, you'll start to notice more than just "yep, that's coffee". If you're drinking super fresh Sidecar Coffee, you might find that you enjoy it more with a little less!

Oh, and please taste your food before you add salt!