2014 Holiday Melange

The Holiday Season is a time to celebrate how lucky we all are. As a coffee roaster, I'm thankful to have great customers (who are embracing specialty coffee) and great coffee to play with.

Until recently, most of my "blends" have been pre-blended and then roasted. This is a great way to roast, and I've been very happy with the results. Lately I've been playing around with post-roast blending in order to get the most out of each coffee, instead of finding a "middle ground".

This years Holiday blend is a post-roast melange of three awesome coffees. It's a celebration of three coffees, three regions and three distinct flavor profiles. Each one is great by itself, but put together, they say "Happy Holidays".

The first coffee is from Indonesia. This medium dark roasted Sumatra Lintong is a combination of three processing styles (washed, wet hulled and natural). It's smooth and buttery with licorice sweetness.

The second is a washed Costa Rica "Community Coffee" from San Pedro. It's roasted medium/light to retain its citric acidity and notes of cocoa.

Finally, a lightly roasted washed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Konga) brings clean tart citrus and berry notes to the party.

Enjoy while it lasts!